"Leave" campaign must outline a cohesive and detailed vision for the UK outside of the EU

Andrew Rawnsley has an excellent column in the Observer today, entitled: “This can’t be left to the Tory party – it’s everyone’s country at stake”. He hits the nail on the head with this paragraph: Continue reading


Has unleaded petrol reduced violent crime?

Embed from Getty ImagesI thoroughly recommend buying and reading the “Big Issue“. It carries a very attractive and eclectic range of articles. One of its features is “My Pitch”, where the story of a Big Issue seller is related. I find myself reading this feature first – it is always fascinating and heart-warming.

I’m now going to raise a topic which was mentioned in “Big Issue” this week in a curious way. Their “Focus” piece was a Q&A with Neil Dudgeon (any relation to Guy Dudgeon who produced “Space Oddity”?-ed).

Who is Neil Dudgeon? – I hear you cry. Continue reading

20th century support for eugenics by Churchill, Beveridge, Keynes etc – what to make of it?

Embed from Getty ImagesThis week, a couple of LDV commenters mentioned the support of eugenics by Beveridge and Keynes in the 1930s and early 1940s. Such support was widely shared by members of the Fabian society and notables such as George Bernard Shaw, Marie Stopes, Harold Laski – even Winston Churchill (earlier in the 20th century).

Debate of this point was not possible on unrelated threads this week, so this article is posted to allow discussion of this interesting, and somewhat disturbing, historic phenomenon. Continue reading