When the words of Max Bygraves ring true…

greenham“You need hands”, wrote Max Bygraves. Since New Year’s Eve these words have rung very true for me. I tripped while running on that day. But I didn’t trip in any old place. I tripped right in front of a (disused) nuclear weapons bunker and Star Wars film backdrop (just near the site of my photo above).

Well, if you’re going to trip, why not do it in style?!

I was able to break my fall with my hands. But they took a bit of a battering and are somewhat sore. One of them showed a tiny possible fracture under X-ray and I’m awaiting a call back from something remarkable called “The Virtual Fracture Clinic”.

So I am re-learning why you need hands. …For those important little things like putting on and taking off socks, which, with partially decommissioned mits, take ages.

Blogging is another thing that needs hands. So I am delighted to be back tapping away at the keyboard.

Let’s celebrate the moment with the remarkable Sex Pistols’ version of the Bygraves classic:


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