We're all doomed! (2) – good riddance to 2015 and hello to the future

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2015 was a bit of a devil of a year. We lost Charles Kennedy. That was, of course, an immensely sad blow for Charles’ family and friends. It was a shattering and tragic blow for the Liberal Democrats as a party. Unexpectedly, it brought home what a treasure he was to the party. All that is decent, humourous, humane, human and passionate about our party can be summed up in the words: “Charles Kennedy”.

I’ve also lost, or heard bad news about, several dear friends, colleagues and acquaintances, all cut short in their prime.

Upon hearing the news of one of these tragic pieces of news, a friend said:

It doesn’t make any sense.

Indeed it does not. When friends with everything to live for suddenly have their lives cut short, it doesn’t make any sense at all.

The only sensible thing one can do is live everyday as if it is your last, a philosophy I’ve tried to have for a long time. You never know when one’s turn comes – death and taxes and all that. Hold tight to your loved ones and friends. Be nice to others and enjoy yourself.

Happy new year! Let’s hope 2016 is better than 2015!


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