Tim shines in a great format for him

Tim Farron Russell Howard's Good NewsOne of the joys of being a parent is that you get introduced to all sorts of TV programmes which your children love to watch. If you miss anything, you also get the chance to watch the same programmes again. And again. And again.

Tom & Jerry, The Teletubbies, Family Guy, Friends, The Simpsons – these are all series of which I have a detailed knowledge, thanks to parenthood. Another, more recent, one is Russell Howard’s Good News. I have watched umpteen episodes of this show, mainly on BBC Three. He’s hilarious. And as the show has progressed to BBC 2, Russell Howard has become more muscular, both in the physical sense, but also in the sense of tackling, more and more, the serious issues of the week. And he’s really good at it. He’s found his niche. He is the best performer we have in the UK who rivals the mix of serious political commentary and humour made successful by Jon Stewart in the States.

It was a real stroke of luck that Tim Farron was invited onto Russell Howard’s Good News this week. It’s an ideal format for Tim – it shows off his natural charm and earthiness, while allowing him to make some common sense remarks on serious issues.

You can watch the show here.


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