"Steve Jobs" – rather painful

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I went to see the movie “Steve Jobs” this evening.

I didn’t really like it. One does like to have a little bit of entertainment when one goes to the movies. Apart from the last two minutes, which provide a little emotional resolution, this is a rather unsettling film.

Perhaps it should be, because of its subject.

If your idea of fun is to watch the run-ups to several product launches, then this is the film for you. If you are suffering withdrawal symptoms, after the end of West Wing, and hanker after people walking through corridors talking quickly (Aaron Sorkin, who created West Wing, wrote the screenplay for Steve Jobs), then this is for you. If you want your visits to the cinema to be like going to see the dentist, then this is for you.

I am happy to accept that this film may well accurately depict its subject and display his human relationships in garish detail.

I’m left with one conclusion. We don’t have much time on this planet. Above all, we should try to be nice to people we come across.

It’s not much to ask.