Piggate: Miriam González Durántez and a cheeky recipe

mum and sons
The Evening Standard deserve full marks for spotting a certain recipe on a food blog which is run by Miriam González Durántez and her sons.

Piggate broke around 21st September. As revealed in April this year, Miriam writes a (previously) anonymous food blog called “Mum and sons“. The entries are undated, but by looking at the blog archive, it seems the latest entry of “Pig’s cheeks in wine sauce” was posted after the 4th of October.

Based on the timing therefore, one can’t help but thinking there is a little bit of…er…cheekiness going on here.

One passage from the recipe which is particularly freighted with playful relevance is this:

…put the pig’s head in your sink and clean it well, pour boiling water over the head at least three times to get rid of any germs, dry it well, add salt (all around), cover the ears with foil and then put it into the oven for 1.5 hours (ears side down). After that time turn the head around, uncover the ears and roast for another 1-1.15 hours.

Well, that’s sorted that out! That’s what you should do with pigs’ heads. Up yours David Cameron!


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