The "closing doors" guy who sounds like a cowboy on the New York City subway system

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When we visited New York City a couple of years ago, I was taken by the voice of the guy saying:

Stand clear of the closing doors please!

…as we left every station. I omitted to record the announcement, but resolved that I would look it up on the web.

I thought the voice sounded great. Really New Yorky. And it suggested that the speaker was about to say “Yee-haa!” like a cowboy at the end.

My resolve has taken a couple of years to come to fruition. I just remembered the announcement and looked it up on Google. Lo and behold, there is this excellent video biography (below) of Charlie Pellett, who is “The Voice of the New York subway system”.

The Voice of The New York Subway System from Vici Shaweddy on Vimeo.