Spin doctors urgently needed to manage an inspiringly authentic car crash

Yes, it’s another Corbyn post. Sorry about that.

But there’s the thing. Politics is absolutely fascinating at the moment. If Burnham or Cooper had won the Labour leadership, we would have had the same old Blair-like triangulating platitudes. Instead, we have inspiring authenticity from Jeremy Corbyn.

There appears to be a highly interesting Marmite-like dichotomy developing. On the one hand, people who previously had no formal connection to politics are joining the Labour party in droves. Jeremy Corbyn has attracted the young and old to his speeches. People love him. He can turn up to commemoration services with his top button undone, keep tight-lipped for the national anthem and keep equally tight-lipped during a long march of 2’43”. All this just makes people love him more. It means he is authentic. (By the way – re: the non-singing of the national anthem. The right-wing media criticised Neil Kinnock (an atheist) for singing hymns too enthusiastically. And of course, Michael Foot was crucified for wearing a smart green duffle coat/”donkey jacket” at the armistice parade. So you can’t win on this stuff if you are a half-decent Labour leader.) On the other hand, the right-wing press are building up/taking down Corbyn as an ogre.

Despite Jeremy Corbyn’s firm and long union background, the unions do not appear to be happy. They are rumoured to be preparing to withdraw significant funding from Labour as the new anti-union bill goes through parliament. As a result, Jeremy Corbyn has, it seems, been starved of top quality spin doctors. (Perhaps, also, Jeremy Corbyn has not been following advice.) Again, this has led to more welcome “authenticity”. We know all about Tony Blair and spin doctors. Look where that ended. A very inauthentic and long period of Labour government. Tsh!

So, you can get too much authenticity. All the top-button-undone, long march of silence, white poppy/red poppy/no poppy stuff may get more supporters for the Labour party. But unfortunately it all distracts from the central story of all the inequities which the Tories are smuggling through under cover of all this nonsense.

So top buttons need to be done up when ties are worn, otherwise it’s just going to keep the anti-Corbyn (“Wurzel Gummidge”) narrative going like halon gas in a computer room, suffocating all other life in the media circus. Ultimately, Labour won’t get elected without some decent media management. However, I sense that the justified adulation of the “love” half of his Marmite dichotomy will convince Jeremy Corbyn even more that he should just ignore the mainstream media and walk on in silence, on his long march. He does so at Labour’s peril, but more importantly he does so to the disadvantage of the UK. We need a strong official opposition.


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