How would Jeremy Corbyn actually lead the Labour party?

It was bad enough watching Ed Miliband rather out of his depth as leader of the Labour party. He seemed to sit back in his study quite a lot, talking with his inner circle. He did quite well at PMQs sometimes. But you got the impression that he wasn’t really fully in charge. This was made worse by unfortunate (and somewhat irrelevant) incidents such as the bacon sandwich episode.

I don’t for a moment wish to patronize Labour supporters and members who are supporting Jeremy Corbyn. I also realize that I should be knocking the Tories – not Labour. But I knocked the Tories yesterday and got called a hypocrite for my troubles so today I am focusing on something which interests me also.

I just simply state that I find it very difficult to imagine Jeremy Corbyn actually leading the Labour party. There are many Labour MPs who have never met him and he has rarely attended Parliamentary Labour party meetings.

I’m just trying to imagine him sitting at the head of the shadow cabinet with his vest showing. I can’t. Who would be round the table? Tom Watson? Denis Skinner? The awkward squad. Numerous key Labour players have said they won’t serve in his shadow cabinet. If it means signing up to withdrawing from Nato, I’m not surprised.

I’m also trying to imagine him taking on Cameron at PMQs. I imagine Cameron (unfairly – in the usual fifth form way of the Commons at PMQs) making mincemeat of Corbyn. He just has to read out a list of all the things Corbyn has supported in the past. A laugh a minute. PM yells: “Hamas” – Tory backbenchers yell: “Yes!” – “Putin” – “Yes!” – “Chavez” – “Yes!” – “Hezbollah” – “Yes!”.

Never mind the right or wrong of his policy positions. I just can’t imagine Jeremy Corbyn actually giving out instructions that anyone of any significance in the Labour party would follow.

He would make John Major look like Superman.

He is an inspirational speaker, no doubt. He presents a proposition which is attractive for many, no doubt. But I have never heard that he actually has ever shown any evidence of demonstrating the level of executive or managerial skills required to lead a modern political party. I’m sure he could run a whelk stall. But I very much doubt he could run the Labour party. Maybe he doesn’t have to. Maybe he would leave the party machine to work on “cruise mode” – I don’t know.

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