We need to be careful before jumping on the Lord Sewel bandwagon

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Nigel Griffiths. Tim Yeo. Mark Oaten. Paddy Ashdown. Ron Davies. Ian Harvey. David Blunkett. John Prescott. Cecil Parkinson. David Mellor (“toe job to no job” – replace orange bra with alleged Chelsea FC strip). Robin Cook. Harvey Proctor.

All those men were MPs who featured in tabloid sex scandals over the last few decades. None involved expenses abuses or other impropriety that I can recall or find in the archives.

The Lord Sewel episode admittedly involves an alleged breach of drugs laws (legislation which liberals have campaigned to reform) and the use of a publicly supported flat.

Of course, the tabloids have had a field week, and the orange bra photo will be reprised for many years.

But as liberals, should we be joining in this feeding frenzy? Lord Sewel was doing something in private in his own time. His privacy was breached. Videos were shot without his permission. Subterfuge was used. This is all rather unsavoury. Interest in the story seems prurient.

I’m the first to campaign for an elected second chamber. But such calls shouldn’t be fuelled by a rather tawdry sex scandal, the like of which is just as likely, if not more likely, to occur in our elected chamber, as the list of names at the top demonstrates.