EU No campaign – it's all about Nigel

Embed from Getty Images

Yesterday was a good opportunity for someone leading the EU referendum “No” campaign to make a mark. You know the sort of thing, a bit of EU bashing and announcing a countrywide campaign. A bit of “no brainer”.

Incredibly, Nigel Farage decided to take a really peculiar tack on Today and other outlets:

  1. He talked down the “No” campaign, saying that it was behind in the campaign and letting the “Yes” campaign rule the airwaves. I mean. Blimey. Why use a precious media slot to do your enemies’ work for them?
  2. He drew attention to splits in the “No” campaign, treated us to a picture of its internal struggles and appeared to make a pitch to lead it.

I can’t believe someone purporting to be a politician could be so stupid as to waste a media opportunity on such foot-shooting.

It appears that whatever Nigel Farage does, he cannot stop it being about him.