It's nice to be back in the cold

IMG_0085Venetians enjoying the Festa del Redentore in the Giudecca channel on July 18th 2015
I’m not one to often demonstrate my love of Britain. But as we arrived back in Blighty last night, hot from eight days in Venice, I was mightily pleased to get home. The reason: the heat and the humidity in Venice were quite over-powering.

We had a fantastic holiday and I am very grateful indeed for it. The art was fantastic, the food and setting were wonderful. We had some great times.

But I was very glad to get back to the cold.

Now, I realise that cold can be a killer. But in general circumstances, when you are cold you can stick on an extra jumper to get warm again.

But when you’re in hot and humid conditions, unless you have access to expensive air conditioning, you just have to sweat it out.

I like hot places as much as the next person. But when it’s combined with 74% humidity and mosquitoes, with nights bathing in your own sweat, eight days can be enough.

The words that keep on echoing in my mind are those of our host, a genuine Comtesse, who explained the heat, humidity and mosquitoes by saying very loudly:

We are in a lagoon!


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