That salute – more a reflection on Edward VIII than anyone else

imageI bow to Roy Greenslade when he says that The Sun were right to publish apparent home movie footage of the Queen, then aged seven and known as Princess Elizabeth, giving a Nazi salute.

It was 1933. The Nazis had just consolidated power in Germany through the Enabling Act. I notice that her mother, then known as the Duchess of York, and later Queen Elizabeth, is enthusiastically joining in.

Interesting historical stuff. You can see in the screenshot that the Prince of Wales (at the time – later Edward VIII) is putting them up to it for the cameras.

Edward VIII had well-known Nazi sympathies.

This film would appear to tell us little about the Queen, a fair bit about Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother’s friendship for Edward VIII, and confirms a great deal about Edward VIII.

Not for the first time, I think we can heave a huge sigh of relief that he did not stay on the throne.


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