Chris Evans to be main presenter AND producer of Top Gear AND Radio Two breakfast show host….really?

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It doesn’t seem to have been mentioned much, but, as he said this morning, Chris Evans will not only be the main presenter of Top Gear, he will also be its producer.

I find this a little puzzling. Chris Evans works best when there is a producer keeping a calm eye on him, reminding him to breathe.

And if he is to continue to be the regular five-days-a-week Radio Two breakfast show host as well as main presenter of Top Gear AND producer of the show….well, I think that, in about a year, something is going to blow.

I don’t think for a minute that Chris Evans will have another meltdown, the like of which provided excellent material for two superb books from him. But something would have to give. He would actually be excellent as producer and presenter of Top Gear.

But think about it. He’s going to be presenting and producing the world’s most popular TV programme.

And presenting the main peak show on Europe’s most listened-to (or up there) radio station.

I don’t see it working long term myself.

It’s clear from all the stories that Top Gear is an extremely time consuming programme to produce.

I am wondering if whoever in the BBC decided to make Evans the producer knew that he was going to continue as Radio Two’s breakfast show presenter.

If they did know, they must be mad.