Norman Lamb takes issue with Malcolm Bruce over Carmichael affair

Norman lamb farborough
My two girls were out tonight so I took the opportunity to go to Farnborough with Judith Bunting and another Newbury Lib Dem. We attended a Norman Lamb evening at Farnborough Air Sciences Trust hosted by Rushmoor local party. And a very nice evening it was too.

Norman was very impressive. He started by outlining his passionate beliefs about mental health. He then talked about a campaign for freedom of information he pursued early in his parliamentary career. This was to obtain, ultimately successfully, details of who Tony Blair, as PM, was meeting at Chequers.

Norman then told us about another successful campaign he waged to bring culprits to justice over the BAe Tanzania scandal.

Norman then rounded up his speech with a summary of why he is standing for the leadership, based on liberal values.

As the first question, I asked him whether we should be preparing to book flights to Lerwick to help in an Orkney and Shetland by-election.

Norman was very clear that what Alistair Carmichael did was wrong, and he condemned it. He said that we need to have a fresh start where we put breaches of trust behind us and never repeat them. I was pleasantly surprised that Norman said he disagreed with Malcolm Bruce when he (Bruce) defended Camichael saying that all politicians lie. Norman said that is wrong and that all politicians do not lie and shouldn’t lie. Some lie, but shouldn’t, he said.


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