Nigel Farage needs that summer break

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It seems that events are conspiring to strain the health of Nigel Farage to breaking point.

After the general election he said he would take the summer off. That was very wise. (Family and enjoyment of our beautiful world are what is important above all.) That decision seems to have melted in the subsequent UKIP civil war that has broken out.

It would be very unwise for Mr Farage not to take that long summer break. I have recently spoken about my concern for his health. It doesn’t do any good to a human being to be, essentially, a one-man party.

As an aside, I did think it was very odd for Farage to resign and announce that Suzanne Evans would be leader pro tem of UKIP. Do UKIP not have a constitution? Or does Nigel Farage make it up as he goes along? – I mused. Well, yes, actually they do have a constitution.