Strange canvassing

A rather strange canvassing experience tonight. – 15 minutes talking to someone who said they were considering voting either Lib Dem or Green.

They wished that the banks had been allowed to crash in 2008, with all the inherent chaos that would have caused. They want a flat tax for personal income plus one for business in order to put lots of accountants out of work (a statement delivered with a straight face). They want to stop EU migration into this country, and force the 2 million Brits living in Europe to return to the UK, in order to reduce unemployment amongst the young.

And they are considering voting Lib Dem or Green?

They are a Radio 4 listener.

I made my excuses and left rapidly, putting them down as UKIP.

I much prefer my UKIP supporters when they are obviously raving lunatics from the off. I can’t stand this pretence of being progressive, reasonable and intelligent, and then smuggling the mad views in under the radar.