The leaders' debate

It was great to see three women in the leaders’ debate last night. Despite being a political junkie, I actually hate these debates and was not intending to watch. But I got sucked in.

On the whole, I was impressed that, across the board, the leaders seemed reasonable and normal. I was particularly impressed by Leanne Wood.

I thought Nick Clegg made a great point when he rounded on Ed Miliband and asked him to apologise for being part of the Labour government that “crashed the economy”. It’s a great point. Ed Miliband was there with his faux outrage about Clegg breaking his pledge on tuition fees. But what result did that have? It resulted in an alternative system which has brought record amounts of poor students into universities. Labour crashed the economy – losing jobs and ruining lives.

Whatever I say about Nigel Farage doesn’t matter. 10-15% will still vote for him and UKIP’ll get 3-5 MPs. But it was noticeable that six of the leaders looked reasonably well adjusted. One of the leaders stood out with his jerky movements and getting worked up with outrage at his own observations: ‘They all agree – but I don’t’. The problem is that he speaks utter bollocks. To say that the EU gives us “absolutely no advantages on trade” is rubbish. Richard Branson would just laugh in his face. To mention EU immmigrants working in this country without mentioning the two million British citizens living and/or working in other EU counties is ridiculous. The man is a classic demagogue. Look at him in the photo above. That’s a classic Mussolini pose.