Channel 4's Coalition – a terrific piece of television

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On Channel 4 On Demand, I watched Coalition earlier today.

I was not impressed by the first few minutes covering the election campaign. However, once the election polls closed, the drama changed gear and was superb from that minute onwards.

The acting was first-rate. Mark Gatiss as Peter Mandelson was priceless. Donald Sumpter was utterly brilliant as Paddy. Chris Larkin was great as Danny Alexander. OK, the latter two didn’t look like Danny/Paddy but they “got” them. Acting is not impersonation. Acting involves getting into a character, and I think Sumpter and the rest of the cast did that.

There were a few hilarious episodes that had me laughing out loud.

And the climax was very gripping.

This piece is a major contributor to helping us to understand the events of May 2010.