And on that bombshell: Did Jeremy Clarkson really want to carry on doing Top Gear – I mean deep down?

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Health warning: I’ve been reading the Mail Online about this. It appears that there have been more journalists roaming the North Yorkshire moors in the last few days than at any time since the invention of the printing press.

On the day of the “fracas”, allegedly, a helicopter was allegedly kept waiting for three hours while a certain broadcaster was allegedly in the pub.

Do you know how much a helicopter costs for three hours? It’s a lot of money. All paid for by the license payers, I suspect.

And after an alleged three hours in the pub, is it any wonder that a “fracas” ensued? I think I would cause a fracas if I spent three hours in the pub.

And was the chef at the hotel not entirely justified in going home when the “guests” were an alleged two hours late for their meal? (The general manager later rolled up his sleeves and cooked the broadcaster a steak, which makes the whole fracas a bit of an alleged farce).

And was the alleged alternative of bar snacks, including hot soup, not entirely reasonable?

The alternative, that is, to a £21.95 sirloin steak which the broadcaster allegedly wanted, complete with fondant potatoes, fried wild mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatoes and pink peppercorn sauce.

Has the said broadcaster not allegedly lost the plot if he is allegedly spending three hours in the pub, allegedly delaying a helicopter and, allegedly, dinner, and then allegedly throwing his toys out of the pram, including an alleged scuffle which he allegedly caused?

I was very struck by an article by Ian Morris, who worked on the Top Gear team for many years:

And that leads me to an odd conclusion. Namely, that perhaps those involved – like Clarkson – are bored. The show has run for longer than anyone, including them, expected. Bored people can, sometimes, look for ways to put an end to things, and if Jeremy wants to go and work for Sky making a different show, then belligerently arguing with the BBC and his producers is one way to get out. It’s also important to note that all three presenters were weeks off signing new contracts that would lock them into the show for three more years.

I would perhaps add the word “subconsciously” in there somewhere. I don’t think JC deliberately entered into a fracas. But perhaps something in the back of his head was at work. Do people who really want to keep a job allegedly keep helicopters waiting for three hours while they are allegedly in the pub and then allegedly have a “dust up” with a staff member?

I think not.

And on that bombshell….