Top Gear with the current team had run its course

I’m a mild fan of Top Gear. I find it moderately amusing. It fills a hole in the corner of the living room. I prefer “Call the midwife”. That said, I have been watching it since it was introduced by Angela Rippon and Noel Edmonds.

We must await the outcome of the BBC enquiry into the “fracas” over the non-availability of late evening hot food in a posh hotel in North Yorkshire. I don’t agree with the 400,000 idiots people who have signed Guido’s stupid petition. HR procedures are actually important and deadly serious.

It is conceivable that the incident might actually indicate that Top Gear with the current presenters had run its course. It is hugely popular. But once you have fired a body into a hospital (the Top Gear equivalent of jumping the shark?), it is difficult to know where you go next for entertainment.

One thing stands out. The current threesome are extremely passionate and experienced motoring journalists. Exceptional. And they do have a remarkable chemistry together.

But watching it recently I have noticed how Jeremy Clarkson tends to over-shadow the whole thing. There’s a lot of pressure on him, which might explain why he blew, if blew he did. He has to say and do a lot.

It’s quite possible that the fracas was something that happened which was indicative of the whole Clarkson/Hammond/May/BBC/Top Gear beast collapsing under its own weight.

I won’t miss the show in its current form. I think there are many talented motoring journalists such as Quentin Wilson, Suzi Perry and Tiff Needell who could make an excellent Top Gear line-up. General presenters such as Chris Evans, Jake Humphrey and Clare Balding would easily fit the mix and do a very good job.

I think Top Gear would benefit from moving on from its current presenter team. They are very expert, they are very funny but you can get too much of people behaving like fourth formers.