Blog commenting and anger

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Sometimes I wonder if some commenters on blogging sites will one day spontaneously self-combust. You know, burst into flames. I regularly see commenters who appear to comment in a parallel universe. They get themselves worked up and put enormous anger into precisely worded comments. (I think I may have been guilty in this regard in the past.)

I do wonder if they should just chill.

There are a lot of people – almost exclusively male – who can make themselves seem like very big men from behind a keyboard, with the relative anonymity of the internet.

But I suspect – based on a few examples – that when you meet such people they are actually very small, very withdrawn, socially inept and couldn’t, frankly, knock the skin off a rice pudding.

I think it is a good rule of thumb that you should not say anything on the internet that you would not say to someone’s face.

For example, I never call people racists on the internet (or elsewhere). If I have not met someone, I don’t think it is ethical or credible to do so.

I don’t think it is right to be anything but polite to someone you have never met. (Again, I confess that I may have sinned in this regard in the past).

Come on guys, let’s get a sense of perspective here. There is more to life than the internet (and, indeed, politics). Politeness costs nothing and leads to a much better world for all of us.

And remember, if you are rude to someone, you might actually meet them some day. <a href=””>They might even be in the position to give you a job that you want</a>.