International Women's Day and Women's World day of prayer #makeithappen

Yesterday was Women’s World Day of Prayer. I am aware of this because for decades my mum has supported this annual event.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day, and we have been asked to nominate women we admire. I would like to nominate one of the Emeritus Lay Canons of Truro Cathedral, Mrs Hilda Walter.

She is approaching her ninetieth birthday. She brought up a family of seven children, including six boys, often on her own. She has studied and lectured on theology and played a very active role for decades in the church in Bude, and in Stratton deanery, Truro Diocese and on the national synod. As a mark of this she has been awarded the Cross of St Piran and is referred to by the Bishop of Truro as “Canon Hilda Walter”, because she is, as I say, an Emeritus Lay Canon of Truro Cathedral, which, I think, is the highest honour a lay person can receive within the diocese of Truro.

She has also given decades of service to the Mother’s Union, Christian Aid, RNLI etc etc

She is a fine example of a woman who gets down to hard work to make people’s lives better.

Through years of ups and downs, including just recently losing her beloved daughter, Eliza, to cancer, she has been remarkably calm, stoical, positive, dignified and determined, providing a shining and inspiring example to many people including myself.

And, yes, I am proud to say, she is my mum.