The age of man missed by Shakespeare

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In “As you like it”, Shakespeare wrote about the Seven ages of man. Well, he missed one out. As the result of much sorting through of a senior citizen’s belongings recently, I can say that old Will missed out the age, somewhere between the fifth and the seventh where you hoard loads and loads of sheer rubbish.

Who could this honourable member possibly be?

BBC2 are running an excellent series called Inside the Commons. Michael Cockerell and his team were allowed unparalleled access to the House of Commons. They have produced a fascinating record of the behind-the-scenes goings on there.

In the latest episode there is extensive coverage of Andrew George as he pursues his private member’s bill, the Affordable Homes Bill.

During the proceedings, my eye was caught by this Honourable Member (blue box) on the Conservative benches, who is looking, ahem, rather relaxed and in what might be called “baying mode” as a bill on a possible EU referendum is read out.

Who could this honourable member possibly be?