One of my funniest TV memories – Oh get off me foot!

Embed from Getty Images
I was actually watching this (below) when it happened live in 1969. The famous Blue Peter baby elephant ***tting and ***ing episode.

The bit that clinches it, is when the keeper starts skiing in the pee. I so love that bit. Always have.

But, looking back on it, it’s brilliant when they all go into silhouette at the end.

I think what is really funny about the clip, is that it is so classically British. It involves poo and wee, so it hits the British funny bone square on from the get-go. But you have the wonderfully British Val, Peter and John. They show the British composure and attempt to carry on while all is chaos in the background. But then, they see the funny side of it and realise they will have to go with the flow and just let the elephant do what it wants to do and have a good laugh.

We really have the heart of Britishness, right there.

The elephant was called Lulu.


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