Green melt

Caroline Lucas started very sensibly on Today this morning. But as she was put under pressure she fell apart. When asked about the detail of the Green party policies she bleated that they were a very small party and didn’t have many staff. Hello? So you are there saying that you are bigger than UKIP and the Liberal Democrats, but you are not big enough to have sufficient policy detail to be ready for coalition discussions. Coalition discussions that you were a whisker from being involved in five years ago, so it’s not as if there hasn’t been much warning.

And I notice that she slipped into the conversation “abolition of personal tax allowances”. Hello? That’s a bit like abolishing air.

The Green website says:

“Personal tax-free allowances will be abolished, having effectively been replaced by the Citizen’s Income (see EC730). Income Tax will be levied on all income above the Citizen’s Income. Tax rates will be banded and will increase progressively so that those on higher incomes are paying higher marginal rates of tax. In particular, rates higher than 40% will be introduced for those on the highest incomes.”

But hang on a minute. Lucas said that the Citizens’ Income would not be a manifesto commitment for 2015. But she listed “abolition of personal tax allowances” as a current policy, I thought. Is it? If so, how can you do one without the other?

All that sanctimony, built up over the years, disintegrating in one interview….


One thought on “Green melt

  1. I don’t think it matters. After the backflips on “no new nuclear power” and tuition fees, progressive and idealistic young voters will vote for the Greens because they want to stick two fingers up at the political establishment, which now includes the LibDems.

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