Nick Clegg on The Last Leg

Nick Clegg on the Last Leg2
We quite often watch Channel 4’s The Last Leg on Friday evenings. I’m a particular fan of Adam Hills, who is a very funny and articulate anchor man for the show.

Until this week, I didn’t realise the connection between the show and disability. Yes, of course, I did know that Alex Brooker has disabilities. But I didn’t realise that Hills has a prosthetic leg and that the show started during the Paralympics. You learn something new every day. But perhaps my ignorance is a good thing – I have just watched the show because it is really funny.

Anyway, there was quite a build-up to Nick Clegg’s appearance last night. In particular, his showdown with Alex Brooker was hyped up. In the event, I suppose I got a bit confused. I expected Brooker to ask really tough questions about disability benefits, for example. In the event: “Do you prefer David Cameron or George Osborne?” was about as tough as it got. Perhaps I shouldn’t have expected so much – it is a comedy programme after all.

There was on nugget of insight. Alex asked Nick Clegg how he felt about the tuition fees episode on a scale between one meaning “couldn’t give a toss” and ten meaning “can’t sleep at night because of it”. After some thought and clarification of the scale, Nick said “nine and a half”, which I thought was very telling – even if it wasn’t his honest opinion and was instead what he thought people wanted him to say.

And it was very funny. Full marks to Nick Clegg. He really entered into the spirit of the thing.

And who thought we’d see the Deputy Prime Minister throwing a melon onto a prosthetic sword?

You can watch the programme here on Channel 4’s On Demand service.


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