The Green party – should the Lib Dems be panicking?

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Yesterday, a poll showed the Green party ahead of the Liberal Democrats by two points. Last week, figures showed that the Green party overtook the LibDems (and UKIP) in terms of membership numbers.

There’s also talk of a (Cameron-supported) appearance of the Greens in the election leadership debates. Opposition to that has allowed the two leading Green women to appear in a poster with the line: “What are you afraid of boys?”

So, should we be panicking? Will we lose seats to the Greens in the election? Could some of our MPs defect to them?

Well, no, no and no are my answers.

It is difficult to think of a seat which the Greens could win, to add to their current seat of Brighton Pavilion. But in some constituencies they may pick up votes sufficiently in our target seats to wreck our chances of winning. Cardiff Central, Bristol West and Manchester Withington have been listed as places where that might happen.

We’ve taken a lot of criticism of our work in coalition. One thing I haven’t heard is much criticism of our work on the environment and climate change. Yes, there have been grumblings about decisions on nuclear power. But generally, our two Secretaries of State for Energy and Climate Change have done great work. (See here and here for starters.)

I don’t wish to be rude to the Green Party, but there’s not a flying bat’s chance of them doing anything approaching such governmental work in the forseeable future.

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