Mrs Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel – #3/3 of classic songs one takes for granted

Embed from Getty Images

Yes, I know. You were in for suspenders for nearly a month, weren’t you?. What on earth would I go for, for number three in this series? Well, wait no longer.

Mrs Robinson by Simon & Grafunkel is a beautifully produced recording. The guitar work is superb. And there is a sort of moaning in the background. I like that. Very distinctive.

This tune reminds me of when I was lucky enough to enjoy the summer of 1976 being occasionally driven around the North Devon countryside by our music teacher and a couple of friends from the Upper Sixth. Our music teacher had a red Triumph Vitesse convertible with an eight track, on which we played Simon & Garfunkel’s greatest hits and the Beatles blue and red albums at full blast as we accelerated out of Filleigh. Happy Days! Oh, cocha-choo Missus Robinson!


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