Question Time – the one which showed that men can be arseholes* and women can be brilliant

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OK. Apologies for being patronising or condescending or an inverse sexist (?), but I enjoyed Question Time last night, speaking as what I regard as an aspirant or humble candidate for male feminist (if they’ll have me) – Lenny Kravitz fan, the token male in an all-female household and Liberal Democrat Women member.

You can imagine the programme planning meeting:

Hey – why don’t we do a special women’s edition. Get two TOTAL ARSEHOLES of men on and then have three really brilliant women to show that women can be totally brilliant and that men can be TOTAL ARSEHOLES.

This was not Farage versus Brand. This was man versus woman. Woman won.

Just so you know, the panel on last night’s Question Time was:

Russell Brand
Nigel Farage
Mary Creagh
Penny Mordaunt
Camilla Cavendish

Russell Brand’s heart is in the right place. I like him. He is a great comedian and works well as a sort of one-man “ginger group” to mix things up a bit. But his entreaties to people not to vote are just stupid and irresponsible. And his labelling of politicians as “them” is absolutely ridiculous. Politicians aren’t “them”. They are us. And if more of us haven’t got the guts to be politicians, then more fool us.

Nigel Farage is Nigel Farage. The M4 is full-up because of immigration. If people fall for that one, then good luck to them. Oh, but of course, we should be having a real debate on immigration. The debate which the professional politicians and media wallahs won’t let us have. BOLLOCKS. We’ve been having that debate since 1968 (at least – doesn’t anyone remember Alf Garnett or Enoch Powell?) and on virtually every edition of Question Time since its inception.

Mary Creagh is one of the few Labour politicians who doesn’t say “What we have said is…” all the blinking time. She is clear and intelligent. A great model for women.

Penny Mordaunt. I was surprised by her. She is remarkably grounded and knowledgeable about issues which are deserving of focus.

Camilla Cavendish is a journalist who knows what she is talking about.

Can I just say this? One of the questions last night was about ya-boo politics. Listen carefully. I will say this only once. It is our responsibility as citizens of this country to realise that the three minutes of PM v Oppo leader of PMQs is about 0.01% of the debates/exchanges in parliament each week. The tweets which showed empty benches versus full chambers “for MP’s salaries debates” (cheap point, Russell Brand, use your brain!) have been exposed as lies. The majority of parliamentary time is spent by earnest, marginally anally-retentive, people talking earnestly about dry, important subjects on behalf of the nation. They then, in the case of Commons MPs, have to travel all the way back to their constituencies (in most cases) to see if they have still got a family and/or a seat left. It is your responsibility as citizens of this country, oh bleating “yaboo politics” and “politicians are all in it for themselves” man and woman, to use your God-given loaf and do sufficient research (like watch BBC Parliament for five minutes other than for PMQs) to realise that you are talking out of your collective arses.

*includes me. I don’t often get that potty-mouthed, so enjoy it while you can. Thank Shepherd Neame’s Bishops Finger.


One thought on “Question Time – the one which showed that men can be arseholes* and women can be brilliant

  1. When this programme (Question Time) is chaired by a woman rather than by a Dimbleby, then it might improve.
    Why is it that political coverage on various BBC programmes are dominated by the two Dimbleby brothers who seem to have got the job by accident of birth?

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