Jeremy Browne to stand down. "Pointless Celebrities" are already on the line….

4683247908_64ebc5b752_Jeremy-BrowneI wish Jeremy Browne well as he prepares for the next phase in his life. As I have stated before, there is much I admire in his thinking. He has very strong liberal/Liberal roots. He certainly is an original thinker, and has been an excellent MP for Taunton Deane.

I don’t normally explain my attempted witticisms, but for the avoidance of doubt, there is no bitterness or sarcasm intended in the title to this post. It is simply a reference to the Times headline of 24th April 2014 which said: “Lib Dems ‘are pointless'”, which was based on their interview with Jeremy. It was said, rightly, that Jeremy Browne didn’t actually say the Lib Dems are pointless. This was paraphrasing by the Times headline writer. However, I really felt let down by the way Jeremy courted such headlines in the run-up to the May elections. I said the following at the time in response to Jeremy’s article on LibDemVoice:

I see from your biography that you studied politics at University. You were editor of your university’s newspaper and President of the Students’ Union. You worked for not one, but two public relations firms. You were Director of Press and Broadcasting for our party under not one, but two leaders. You have been an MP for nine years. You were a minister in two government departments over three years.

With all that experience of hardball politics, did you not have the remotest suspicion that by talking to The Times in the way that you did that they would convert your words into something like “Lib Dems are pointless”? Or were you taken totally by surprise by their treatment of your interview?

However, bygones are bygones. Jeremy has been a great member of our party for decades. I was very pleased to see him recently at our Glee, and I hope that he will continue to brighten up our party for many years to come.


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