Glasgow diary day 3 – Clegg ignites


The main highlights of the day were:

The Rally. Nick Clegg was on fire. He made a really great speech. I don’t think I have seen him so animated. Mind you, with the general election coming up, he is at the stage of “s**t or bust” – as is the party.

Finding the Liberal Democrat Voice “office”. It is behind the scenes. You go through a curtain, past some printers, through some double doors, left through some more double doors and then take the first door on the right. In the end I had to get the Chief Conference Steward to help me find it. If he can’t find it, no one can. It was great to meet up with the LDV team, or at least those who have made the trip to Glasgow.

I attended the debate on Reducing (global) poverty and discrimination.

I’m rather relieved that I missed the debate on OMOV (One member one vote). It sounds like it was something of a shambles.

I’m enjoying doing a few stints on the Liberal History stand in the exhibition. I’ve got to meet some lovely LibDems and it is always enjoyable to test them on the characters depicted on our posters. Asquith usually stumps them.

I went round the exhibition hall, focussing on the Microsoft and Google stands. Google were particularly impressive. A gent sat me down in a sofa and showed me their “Chromecast” system and his Smartwatch.

I attended my first meeting as a member of Liberal Democrat Women. Yes, really. It turned out to be a fascinating and refreshing discussion on childcare. The consensus was that parents should at least have the option to raise their kids at home.

I seem to be joining lots of party organisations these days. As well as joining Liberal Democrat Women, I have joined Liberal Democrat Christian forum, Liberal Democrat LGBT+ and the Social Liberal Forum.

The Liberal Democrat Voice awards were an absolute hoot. I think I set a new record for taking the longest time to open an envelope at an awards ceremony!

There followed the Liberal Democrat Disco which was a terrific example of fund-raising brilliance by Cambridge Liberal Democrats. Indeed, one might call it a fundraising “coup”.


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