Friday Glasgow diary – the whistlestop tour

imageI started the day with a brisk 5k run along the Kelvin river and Dumbarton road. There were plenty of joggers and dog walkers in the park, including one of the latter with a Bichon Frise like our dog, Charlie.

After getting over the shock of seeing a couple of dedicated LibDem anoraks at breakfast (I thought I was the only one who arrived early?), I was whisked off the airport and then Erskine. A day of most convivial “F2Fs” (“face to faces”) with work colleagues ensued.

In the afternoon I was treated to my annual whistlestop tour of Glasgow. This started with a visit to an extraordinarily well-stuffed antiques/bric-a-brac shop off Byres road. Then we had a most enjoyable lunch at the nearby Curlers’ Rest, accompanied by two pints of Ruby Mild which I was, outrageously, forced to drink.

On the recommendation of my old school friend, my Glaswegian friend/whistlestop tour guide, found us the Glasgow University cloisters and associated environs, which were an utter architectural delight! There should be a photo of said academic pile above these burblings, if the usual daily conference juggling of wires, recharging, wifi and devices works…..

By golly, by gosh, I have landed myself what I think is called “a gig”. On Monday night, I will break out of the conference forcefield to go to an excellent Glasgow eaterie which, by odd coincidence, I passed by today. There, one of our most venerable and appreciated soulmate organisations will host a discussion on eradicating poverty. I am on the panel representing the Liberal Democrat Voice collective. Wish me luck!


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