Glasgow diary – Day One


Well, I’m off on the big journey, all pre-booked, months in advance, by She Who Must Be Obeyed.

A normal person in the street would probably think that travelling all the way up to Glasgow, for the second year running, for a week of political discussions, would be a bit of a pain.

But I am really looking forward to it. I love Glasgow and I’m looking forward to exploring it for the nth time. I also really enjoy the train journey up. As I write, I am eagerly preparing to enjoy the view over Morecambe Bay, which is a delight.


I arrived at the bustling Central Station at around 4pm. There were five soldiers at an Army recruiting post in the middle of the concourse. After dealing with my email, I walked up to all of them and said: “Thank you for all you do”. I think one of them didn’t think I was a bit odd, the rest did. “Thank you for all you do” is what an old friend of mine, Trevor Brown, used to say to everyone. It made everyone feel good about themselves. I know it is, perhaps, unBritish to thank soldiers for what they do. But sometimes I think we have to be a bit unBritish. These guys deserve our thanks.

This evening I was very fortunate enough to meet up with a very old friend from my old school, Graham. He is a very rare breed. He is a naturalised Glaswegian, I would say, after 30 years in the city. But he is still undeniably a Devonian, indeed, a North Moltonian. We witnessed some fantastic Scottish music jamming in the Ben Nevis pub in Argyll Street, followed by some delicious tapas.

And so to bed!


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