Why do trains in children's books still go "chuff chuff"?

The question has been asked. I asked a similar question when I attended a play group with my (then) four year old daughter in Newbury. We were twenty yards away from Vodafone’s headquarters and many of the kids had parents who worked for the great mobile phone company. But we all sang the song which includes the line “mummy called the doctor”. And, blow me down, what mime did we do? We only pretended to use one of those ancient phones where you hold the stand/voice piece in one hand and the ear piece in the other.

See also: why are the newspapers still referred to as “Fleet Street”? I remember visiting Fleet Street in the 1960s when all the papers were there. It was a very exhilarating place. Now only the “Catholic Herald” * is based there.

*Well it was when I last looked but appears to have moved. The Press Gazette is based just around the corner from Fleet Street.


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