I am an oil tanker, Dickie Arbiter is on fire in the Gulf

Dickie Arbiter is a very nice man. He is currently publicising his auto-biography. This includes his time as Royal Press secretary. But I will always remember him as one of the two main newsreaders on Independent Radio News in the 70s and 80s. While a student, I used to mimic his machine-gun delivery of the words “Independent Radio News at nine, this is Dickie Arbiter”. One day he mixed up his words and started the news with the classic statement above. Happy days!


2 thoughts on “I am an oil tanker, Dickie Arbiter is on fire in the Gulf

  1. Dar Mr Walter,

    Although your inability to spell the very first word of the above post correctly clearly equates to your inability to grow hair in the right places on your head, I must congratulate you on your unashamed openness and honesty at being Cornish.

    Genuinely, for this, you have my sympathy.
    Were there to be an established charity for the Cornishly-impaired, I would gladly send turnips and shiny beads for you to trade.

    However, after a lifelong leaning towards both Liberal politics and libertarianism in general, having read much of your blog – and especially, having had photographs of Nick “so-called” Clegg thrust upon me with neither warning nor apology, I have stopped leaning, and am, consequently, now fully erect.

    • Thank you very much. I’d be very grateful for any turnips and/or shiny beads regardless of charitable status.

      PS. Libertarianism is not the same as liberalism or Liberalism. I plead guilty to the two latter ones, but not the former one. I’d be interested if any of my burblings really indicate libertarianism.

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