Referendum accuracy petitions should be used to educate people in the count process

The video above is one of several which have pinged off some petitions for a recount of the Scottish referendum result.

My view is that such petitions are an excellent opportunity. Here are people (who have signed the petitions) who are engaged in the electoral process and passionate about it.

They should be locked in a room for four hours with Dr Mark Pack and Colin Rosenstiel while they explain the count process to them. (Joke)

Seriously, this is an excellent opportunity to tell people about the count process.

There are many checks and balances. There are many counting agents from all sides of the contest (in this case the “yes” and “no” campaigns). They have wide access to the count, to scrutinise all activities and point out any suspected errors to the count officials.

In the case of the above video it is obvious that the lady has made a mistake and is correcting her mistake.

As for the “yes” votes behind a “no” sign at the Dundee count, this was explained by the Yes campaign in Dundee on the night:


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