How do I pay tribute to Alex Salmond?

A “++Breaking news” post on Liberal Democrat Voice asked commenters to “lean more towards tributes than we might otherwise”.

Well, that’s very nice. Indeed, as I try to emphasise when I criticise politicians, I am sure Alex Salmond is a very nice man indeed. I am sure that if I shared a few drams with him in the comfort of a couple of deep armchairs in a hotel bar somewhere in Scotland, we would get on like a house on fire.

But as a politician, despite deep and long thought, I have been unable to come up with a tribute to him which won’t sound sarcastic enough to strip the varnish off an old bannister rail.

So, despite starting to type one, I have not left a comment on the appropriate LDV comment thread.

He is a “respected economist” we are told. Yes, a “respected economist” who couldn’t sort out a half-decent post-independence currency solution.

He is a “great campaigner”. Yes, a “great campaigner” who lost.

He is “very popular in Scotland”. Yes, so “very popular in Scotland” that, by a margin of two to one, Scottish women don’t trust him.

Oh well, at least I have put up a nice photo of him.


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