Alistair Darling on steroids

imageI can’t believe what we saw in Alistair Darling last night in the debate with Alex Salmond. We’ve never seen this Alistair before. Up until now, Alistair Darling has always seemed as dry as toast. His Treasury statements were reknowned as a sure-fire treatment for insomnia. A recording of his voice could be marketed as a side-effect-free alternatve to sedatives.

So it was a big surprise to see a combatative, finger pointing, brief-brandishing Alistair Darling last night. Where did that come from?

He certainly knocked Salmond into a cocked hat in the section on the pound.

But Salmond lost the debate by his own hands. He had twelve minutes to cross examine Alistair Darling. He could have concentrated on great matters of state. But what did he do? Bring up a mish-mash of silly quotes. Pathetic!

However, one can’t help but thinking that Salmond is putting forward an attractive plan, as highlighted by several points in the debate. He just has the fatal flaw with the pound argument.

The SNP has had 80 years to prepare for this referendum. It is incredible that they are basing the whole thing on wishful thinking over the currency. But moreover, why spend 80 years fighting for independence but then lock yourself into the central bank of another country (England) and the very fiscal and monetary constraints which you are trying to escape? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

Here is the debate from last night in three parts:


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