Scotland and the importance of the bath water index

imageGames triumph ‘will put Scots on path to independence’: SNP declared the Observer yesterday.

The text underneath included this:

Sturgeon isn’t, she insists, making any overly grand claims, but she is a straight talker. “I think it (the Commonwealth Games) will inevitably leave a feelgood factor,” she says. “I think confidence not only in Glasgow but across the country is high.

“I think there is a very significant momentum behind the ‘yes’ campaign and I feel it everywhere I go in the country. The momentum is with us and as we come out of the Commonwealth Games at the weekend that is us into the final strait (sic) of the campaign and that momentum will be visible.”

(By the way, I think the Observer wrote “strait” there. I’m sure Nicola Sturgeon actually said “straight”.)

I know a fair amount of Scots, including a Devonian who has lived in Scotland for many years and has now bagged all the Munros. One thing I have thought the Scots never lack is confidence. They have bags of it, in fact, as a generality. I find it surprising than there is a concept that hosting a set of sports, which they also hosted in 1970 and 1986, will give Scots more confidence than they already have. And that that confidence boost will lead them to cast a different vote (than they otherwise would have done) in a decision with consequences that will last several hundred years. It seems unlikely.

Standing there watching the athletics in Hampden Park I felt great togetherness with my Celtic compatriots. We’re not all English in the rest of the Union, you know. Some of us are Celts in Wales and Cornwall. I’m not English, I’m Cornish. Have I not mentioned that before? 😉

It was great to see young Scots athletes obviously getting a significant boost from the Hampden roar. But let’s not get carried away.

Tomorrow’s TV debate will be interesting. A lot will depend on the “bath water” index. If Alex Salmond looks so pleased with himself that he might, without much provocation, drink his own bath water, then he may be in trouble.

For Darling, the “blinking” index will be interesting. How many attacks of rapid, serial blinking will he have? I shall be watching.

My photo above shows a gargoyle at Melrose Abbey, Scotland.


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