The sun shone today. An obvious day to be shut away listening about policy #slfconf

slfconfI had a great day at my first Social Liberal Forum conference today.

On my way, I was drenched by torrential rain in Queens road, Newbury, and then coming back I was rained on in the same road. In between that, it was dry and sunny. It was the sort of day that takes some thought as to what to wear and carry on a journey, and no amount of planning prepares for all eventualities.

The conference was in London EC2 at the Amnesty International HQ. This is a most impressive building which made a superb conference venue.

It was great to see many old friends and enjoy a positive Smörgåsbord of policy discussion and an impressive list of guest speakers.

I back Jack

imageI am backing Linda Jack for Liberal Democrat party President. I have known Linda for years, mainly through the Liberal Democrat blogosphere.

Linda has an exceptionally conscience-based sense of Liberalism. She has a wealth of experience working for the disadvantaged, of campaigning and of work in employment and the armed forces. From this, she articulates a passionate and fearless set of liberal views.

After the jiggery-pokery of coalition, we need Linda as President to reset our political compass on a true Liberal Democrat course.