PM sacks David Laws by tweet, then covers his tracks

As part of his reshuffle tweetage, at 13:24 today, David Cameron tweeted as follows:

One slight snag. At that stage David Laws was Schools Minister. He’s a Liberal Democrat and David Cameron would have to get Nick Clegg to move Laws, unless Cameron wanted two schools ministers.

At 16:41 the Government’s website was updated with all the reshuffle appointments, with the exception of the Minister of State for Schools which was still listed as David Laws, rather than Nick Gibb who Cameron appointed to that position via Tweet at 13:24:


Note also that there is no Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Education and Childcare, a position vacated by Liz Truss who moved to be Secretary of State for the Environment etc.

Then the plot thickens.

By 5pm, the Prime Ministerial Twitter account, with Number Ten no doubt realizing that “too many twits might make a twat”, was changed (and not even PMs can modify tweets. You have to delete the original and then tweet again), so that the original tweet from 13:24 about Nick Gibb’s appointment as Minister for Schools was deleted and replaced by a later tweet simply saying that Nick Gibb “is returning to Government as Minister of State @educationgovuk”. You can see it below. There was nothing about the position of Schools Minister in it. This was combined with other tweets announcing the appointment to the PuS Education role and one about Nic Boles being split between DfE and one other department.


Finally, by 17:37 the government website had been further updated to include Nick Gibb as a Minister of State in the Department for Education. See below. However, unlike the other ministers listed on the website, there is no note of what areas he is responsible for. No doubt they will work that out in the morning. It’s been a long day. Trebles and a crack of Gove’s whip all round!


One thought on “PM sacks David Laws by tweet, then covers his tracks

  1. I sincerely hope that Mr Laws will be part of a coalition negotiation team with Labour to produce a radical social democrat government post May 2015.

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