Please be careful about where you put down items in the supermarket

You know the situation. You’re in the supermarket. You pick up something you’re after. Say, some Innocent smooth orange juice at £3.25, and then you wonder on.

Then, you chance upon the special offer display at the end of an aisle. There, you see Copella orange juice and apple juice on special offer at £1.50. You pick one up. And then you want to get rid of the Innocent Smooth Orange Juice. But you can’t be arsed to walk all the way back to the original shelf from which you took it. So you simply place it down with the Copella juices.

No problem.

For you.

But spare a thought for the poor unsuspecting numpty (me) who comes by the special offer display just after you.

The ticket at the front of the display says “Special offer – £1.50”. Great, I think. Innocent Smooth Orange Juice for only £1.50. I’ll have some of that.

So I bought it.

Then I got home and looked at the receipt. Oh, they’ve charged me £3.25 instead of £1.50. So I then trek all the way back to the shop, emboldened by my nearest and dearest. I’m ready to challenge the Customer Service desk person. But then I look at the shelf and realise what happened.

Ho hum.

I intend to fully enjoy that Innocent Smooth Orange Juice. As you can see from the photo above, I have already greedily necked a healthy swig or twain from it. It goes down beautifully on a hot day such, as today has been!

And my trip back to the shop wasn’t wasted. My nearest and dearest got me to get some Taco bits. The tacoes were (eventually) delicious!