That elusive Personal Best

imageFor those who don’t know what a Park Run is, they are held all over the country at 9am on Saturdays. They are a 5k fun run for all the family. Great fun!

I don’t know how I did it, but on 5th May 2012 I did the Newbury Park Run in 28’14”. My Personal Best (PB).

Since then I have tried to beat that time without success. I did 28:17 last year and 28:16 this year. But 28’14” eludes me.

I know I have to start at the front to have a chance of a PB. Yes, that means 180 speedy girls and boys pass me in the first 200 metres, but it does mean that I don’t get stuck in the queue behind the front starters.

And it helps if it isn’t hot, which it was yesterday.

And it helps if I have recently been training up for a long run.

And it probably helps if I don’t drink alchofrol the night before, which I did on Friday night.

But other than that the PB remains elusive.

What on earth was doing so right on May 5th 2012?


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