Robust Liberal Democrat immigration policy

Alice, me and the Speaker of Hackney Council, Citizenship Ceremony, Hackney Town Hall, Hackney, London, UK.tifWe haven’t really got an immigration policy, have we? – said a hard working party member to me this evening, as she sorted through survey responses listing immigration as a priority issue.

Well actually, we have just agreed a very robust and thorough new immigration policy, in full knowledge and acceptance that this is a big issue for people, said I.

Dear old Sir Andrew Stunnell and his team beavered away for a couple of years and came up with a robust and excellent policy.

Notes on immigration from the Liberal Democrat website are here.

Sir Andrew Stunnell’s summary of the new policy is here.

The full policy document passed at March’s Spring conference is here.


One thought on “Robust Liberal Democrat immigration policy

  1. You can see from that why people think we haven’t got much of a policy though. The first is vague, vacuous and unspecific, the second repeats the first with some quotes from Stunnel that go into zero detail, the 3rd is a massive document that I’ve saved to read later but doubt I’ll have time anytime soon.

    Why can’t the party put decent summaries of the actual policy going into a moderate degree of detail up as accompanying notes? No journalist looking for a quick story is going to read the whole paper, any journalist reading those notes knows nothing of any substance as is unlikely to want to report it.

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