The gambler, Alex Salmond, gambles with the future of Scotland

FM, Alex Salmond AddressAlex Salmond is a gambler. His BBC profile says:

Mr Salmond has also put his love of horse racing to good use, appearing as a pundit on Channel 4’s The Morning Line programme, as well as offering tips and insights through the pages of the Racing Post.

What is remarkable is that Salmond is bringing his gambling instincts to the Scottish independence proposition:

Gamble 1 – the pound. Any reasonable person can see that Scotland will not use the pound if it becomes independent. In a remarkable show of unity, all three main UK parties have said as much. The Bank of England have implied it. But Salmond is gambling on the minuscule chance that they are all bluffing. Bouyed up by his own Bovine Scatology, he insists an independent Scotland will use the pound.

Gamble 2 – membership of the EU. The reasonable analysis is that it will take years for Scotland, if independent, to be accepted as an EU member. It may never come if Spain has its way, as they are concerned about creating a precedent for Catalonia to follow. But Salmond the gambler says it will happen straight away. A mere technicality. He holds his cards and keeps a straight face.

Gamble 3 – the numbers. OK, the UK has presumably exagerated its numbers about the future of Scotland on its own. But Salmond’s numbers make all sorts of rosy assumptions, like massive growth and stunning productivity due to the energising effect of independence. BS and bluff.

As Alistair Darling said the other day, Salmond the gambler is turning the ballot paper into a betting slip.


One thought on “The gambler, Alex Salmond, gambles with the future of Scotland

  1. I will support the yes vote in the referendum and vote Lib Dem in the following general election either for a Scottish government or a Westminster government depending on the independence outcome.
    Most people in Scotland would have voted for a federal UK but this was the one vote Westminster would not allow so given the choice of having control of my country or believing that the Westminster parties will agree the best way forward for Scotland I will trust the people of Scotland. A yes vote gives Scotland a clear way forward. A no vote leaves us with a decade of debate and negotiation, uncertainty and infighting over which Scotland will have little input and no assured outcome.

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