Clegg under pressure


Nick Clegg must have thought several of his birthdays had come at once, when he found out about Dick Dastardly Matthew Oakshott shooting himself in the foot.

He’s now in the clear to fight another day. We see his incredible resilience yet again. I suspect this resilience is based on a remarkably straight-forward outlook on life. When you have a wonderful family, why worry too much about what is, in the final analysis, temporary flim-flam? We all exist for the temporal equivalent of the blink of a dinosaur’s eyelid in historical terms.

If Paddy told him he needed to go, he would go straight away. And he would do it smiling.

He is an incredibly resilient character. But I don’t think that resilience is based on stubborn ego. It is based on a simple acceptance of life and the desire to do some good.


2 thoughts on “Clegg under pressure

  1. Great point. It’s one of the better reasons that we should look past policy to people’s characters when we choose our leaders.

  2. I think, you have him spot on. I just don’t think he can defend his tenure as Deputy PM and Lib Dem leader without the publicity of a leadership election which he should call himself, and stand in.

    Gordon Brown got a boost towards the end of the 2010 General Election (which I think cost us our 80 MP hope) when he just stood there and blasted out achievement after achievement (obviously leaving out the bad stuff of course). OK, he didn’t win, but he did save his party.

    Parallels, I think.

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