"The King died three months ago"

King Alfred is Dead!Centuries ago, there was an excellent news service. A few months after a King died, that news was finally reaching outer villages of the country. A random horse rider would finally reach the last village to give them the news.

Sometimes I wonder whether we would be better off with that system now. I gest somewhat. But we now have the “instant Butterfly” effect. A butterfly flutters its wings in London and, a nano second later, via the interweb, the resultant hurricane is all over the world. We end up disappearing up our own jaxi.

Someone makes an off-the-cuff remark, and its all over news channels within seconds. Then the story changes to refute the original story and then back again.

In fact, Jon Stewart recently showed video evidence of a news channel where a headline was read out saying one thing and then, in the 8 seconds it took the channel to run its news theme, the story had changed to the opposite of the headline being the case. (This was a story about the disappearance of Flight 370).

It’s all quite mad.


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