Nick Clegg must go

Clegg Speech 34…in ten years time

Well, that got you, didn’t it?

Seriously, God only knows why people start ********* about with websites to petition against the party leader before the polls have closed. God only knows why people start signing petitions before even the votes have been counted. And God only knows why, if people have been working hard, they don’t just rest and enjoy life for a long weekend.

Nick Clegg is a very good leader of our party. He ran a very good campaign.

I totally understand arguments against him. I was against him in the leadership campaign and I staged my own little protest against him two years ago.

But now is not the time to start *********** about with the leader.

Have the debate. But it’s not going to happen.


2 thoughts on “Nick Clegg must go

  1. Before the votes have been counted. ???????? Where have you been sleeping ?

    Did you fail to see the votes counted since Nick Clegg became leader in December 2007.

    Since then the local election results have been as follows:
    2008: +33 councillors
    2009: -2 councillors
    2010: -132 councillors
    2011: -748 councillors
    2012: -190 councillors
    2013: -124 councillors
    2014: -284 councillors
    (the above does not include by-election results)

    Westminster results as follows:
    a) 2010 General election: -5 seats
    b) By-elections:
    Crewe & Nantwich -4.0%
    Henley +1.8%
    Glasgow E -8.3%
    Glenrothes -10.1%
    Norwich N -2.2%
    Oldham E & Saddleworth +0.3%
    Barnsley C -13.1%
    Leicester S -4.4%
    Inverclyde -11.1%
    Feltham & Heston -7.8%
    Bradford W -7.1%
    Manchester C -17.2%
    Corby -9.5%
    Cardiff S & Penarth -11.5%
    Rotherham -13.9%
    Middlesbrough -10.0%
    Croydon N -10.5%
    Eastleigh -14.4%
    S Shields -12.8%
    Wythenshawe & Sale E -11.0%

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