A chunk of nostalgia – the Canal Forge, Bude and the John Dunn show end theme

Ah! Those were the days. I used to hear this when I was a teenager working at the Canal Forge in Bude. When we heard this on our little MW/LW transistor, we knew it was time to lock up (or is my mind making this up? I don’t know). Locking up took a long time. There were so many doors. It was a real forge with those double swingy doors for horses all over the place. The soot from the old fire was still in place and the old anvil was still there. I remember walking into it after it had just been vacated by the blacksmith (Mr Staddon?).

John Dunn on Radio 2. Bless him. The gentle giant. His starting theme was “Imogene” by the Les Reed Orchestra. But, for some reason, this evening I have been humming this glorious end theme which is the Syd Dale orchestra and “Central Park Parade”.

Simon Mayo is now a fitting spiritual successor to John Dunn IMHO.


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